Me, Leo Sherman

I’m a UX Designer who believes in the power of a story.

As a musician turned designer, I believe that connecting people to a story leads to the most meaningful experiences — it creates community. I’ve always wanted to be a storyteller throughout my childhood. This led me to become a jazz musician. For nearly 12 years, I wrote my own story in New York City. There, I learned how to connect emotionally with diverse groups of people, in many a smoky jazz club (minus the smoke).

In addition to music, I’ve worked as a videographer and sound designer, helping artists and organizations increase their social media metrics by over 200% and gain nearly 10,000 unique viewers. My audiovisual work has been featured by audio industry giants like Moog Synthesizers and popular events platforms like Fever. Other than that, I enjoy traveling, mushroom foraging, and photography — all fueled by coffee.

I like to compose jazz

In 2019, I released my debut album, Tonewheel. After years of writing music, I decided it was time to bring it to life. Tonewheel is a collection of observations and experiences of immigrating to and growing up in the U.S. Each song is based on a story, ranging from escaping the Soviet Union to witnessing the challenges of growing up in an urban neighborhood.

The idea for the name came from Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. But, a tonewheel can be a mechanical gear or even a color wheel. As far as the album goes, it symbolizes the detailed plot and emotional journey of each story.

I’m proud to say that the album has received wide acclaim, with over 1 million listeners as of 2020. You can check it out by following the album cover link, if you’d like.

and create videos.